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gianni riga » 14:41 27-12-2011
next Demon's Eye concert : March 30th zaal Zeshoek - 3600 Genk
johan VR » 16:16 15-10-2011
hallo michel, in bristol is alle bier bijna op! tot nog eens in den BB
Michel » 00:12 11-09-2011
hi Rick,
thank you for your kind reply. Guess we are spoiled here, when Purple plays, like Holland, we say it is far away, and that is just about 400 km away!. Hope you (and myself of course ) we can see a lot more of them soon.
Rick Freeman » 16:20 31-08-2011
Wonderful Site. I am a huge Deep Purple fan. Since '68. I saw them for the first time in '73. Tampa Florida USA. Less than 2 weeks before Ian Gillan left the band. The last time was June of this year. Las Vega$. Can't wait to see them again. Just wish they would tour the States more often. Remember, the state I live in, Georgia is twice the size of Austria! Traveling to see them can involved a lot of time and money. As you know. Worth every penny! Just wish we had a massive Transit System. Like most of Europe and Japan. Can you believe it's cheaper to fly or drive here. Trains are so few and far in between they charge almost double that of Air Fare! I got lucky back in '07, they, DP played near me 4 times. I felt like someone had answered my prays!
Plan to visit Europe next year for a few weeks. I hope DP is on Tour. Guess we will visit each country they play!
One advantage of living here is Steve Morse lives a hour from Tampa. My hometown. My son lives there. I have seen Steve with the Dixie Dregs and with his band 20 times. Last year he played 4 shows in Florida. I managed to see 2 of them.
As I mention, this is a wonderful site.
My Regards, Rick
R-Mine Events » 10:34 20-01-2011
DEMON’s EYE feat DOOGIE WHITE live in concert 7th April 2011 in Genk Belgium
More info :

Demon's Eye with Doogie White on vocals
- former singer of Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow on vocals for the most
successful Deep Purple Tribute Band in Europe -

Demon's Eye's story of success is impressive and is unparalleled in
the field of tribute bands.
The band that has been creating a furor with its "Professional Deep
Purple Tribute Show" in Germany as well as in foreign countries for 13
years consists of five members who are paying tribute to the rock
legend Deep Purple in such a convincing way that as a result musicians
of the original band regularly enter the stage together with Demon's
Eye. Both Jon Lord with a symphony orchestra and Ian Paice (Deep
Purple) already had several concerts together with Demon's Eye.
According to Jon Lord, his famous "Concerto for Group and Orchestra"
has not been performed for years as good as it is now with Demon's
Eye. Direct quote Jon Lord: "With Demon's Eye I feel like I am playing
in a real band." And according to Deep Purple-drummer Ian Paice "these
guys are really fantastic".

Other rock legends, too, have already taken notice of Demon's Eye – in
2009, the band also appeared as the support-act for SAGA and
Demon's Eye know how to get the audience enthusiastic with their music
as well as their spectacular stage show. Particularly the almost
acrobatic performance of the exceptional guitarist Mark Zyk creates
enthusiasm again and again.

In Genk, a further prominent guest will enter the stage together with
Demon's Eye: Doogie White, former "Rainbow"-vocalist. This won't be
the first time, as Doogie White has already performed with this
exceptional Deep Purple Tribute Band several times before.
The vocalist, who lives in London, likes his guest appearances with
Demon's Eye so much that now he has several concerts together with
Demon's Eye every year. Doogie White: "Demon's Eye sound just as Deep
Purple did in the 70s. It’s incredible. I’ve never seen a better Deep
Purple Tribute Band! For me, their musical quality, joy in
improvising, their power and the fun which Demon's Eye get across on
stage have been absolutely impressive."

Doogie White made the international breakthrough when Ritchie
Blackmore engaged him as vocalist for "Rainbow" in the mid-nineties
and recorded the successful album "Stranger in Us All" with him. In
addition to this, Doogie White has been the vocalist of the band of
the Swedish exceptional guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen for about 6 years.
Together with Malmsteen, he released two albums and made two world

Demon's Eye featuring Doogie White will go on tour in April, 2011, in
order to promote their first album "The Stranger Within". In addition
to some songs from this new album, many Deep Purple-songs, of course,
and also one or two Rainbow classics will be performed in Genk. There
will be a Meet & Greet with Demon's Eye and Doogie White after the

This concert in Genk will be the only one in Belgium!

R-Mine Events
gisela » 16:58 20-12-2008
Thank you very very much supporting Demons Eye and Doogie White.
I hope to see them again on the 28th march 2009 in Berlin.

Merry christmas to you and your family

Andree, Demon's Eye » 01:25 17-12-2008
Hi Michel,
thank you very much for the great "Demon's Eye/Doogie White"-review. It was a fantastic experience to play with Doogie. He is an amazing singer/frontman and a great human beeing. We had so much fun on and off stage. I will never forget that as long as I live.
Thanx again for your support!

Kindest regards,
Andree &
Trine (Norway) » 22:20 15-09-2007
What a great site! One of the best private HomeLink sites I have seen. I will visit your site again, I am sure!
Fritz » 07:59 05-03-2007
Hello from Germany, Hallo Michel,
tolle Fotos von Ian Paice und Demon's Eye. Genau so beeindruckend wie die Konzerte selbst.
Jean Marie VOISIN » 19:38 29-12-2006
Hello from France ,
Great site Michel , and great review and Photos from Deep Purple .
Hope to see you in one of the next DP tour
Happy new Year
Marita Fischer » 23:23 15-12-2006
A fine home page! If you are interested in exchanging with us next year - we sent an e-mail, but got no answer! Please answer to our e-mail! Greetings from Overath near Cologne (D)
xxx » 23:36 17-10-2006
Coope (UK) » 23:08 19-10-2005
Very impressive website which gives a real flavour of the benefits of exchanging with you! Would have been interested in visiting if we hadn't exchanged nearby so recently.

All good wishes to you and congratulations!
Alison Evans (UK) » 17:28 13-10-2005
What a great web-page, it reminded me of the wonderful house-swop we did to Bruges two years ago. I'm not a city person at all but I loved it, such a beautiful place, wonderful architecture and art and of course the brewery tour and chocolates are not to be missed. I now know what a delicious combination Belgian cherry beer and Belgian chocolate are together. If you've never been to Bruges, don't miss it! (Also a great place for cycling with the family).
Thea Dunn » 19:14 10-10-2005
I am very impressed with your home page, would like to do a short exchange sometimes.Have got to remake my own home page and got some ideas from yours.
Happy travelling,
Best wishes Thea Dunn
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